Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2nd poem revision....

Since my creative writing teacher thought the original poem was about nature as the subject, I modified it to fit that idea in the final revision.

Natural State

Drifting in on a whispering breeze,
Emerald eyes entrap my gaze.
Soft, shy footsteps closing in,
Imploring me to seek her spoils.

Draped in an ethereal bouquet of scent,
Lavender seductively fills my head.
Heady with her divine charms,
I surrender, as my soul takes charge.

Delighting in clear alpine pools,
As I gaze upon a mossy hill.
Perfection in bare-skinned truth,
A lesser temptress there never was.

Dignified mountains, forests of legend,
Mythical seas, or great cities of gold.
All may offer a glorious adventure,
Or perhaps a majestic abode.

Dreamy jubilation in such places,
Longing for the sunset’s calling,
Beckoning me with her fiery lips,
To take refuge in her celestial temple.

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